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BIRETIX Tri-Active Spray

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Prevents and corrects spots and marks in body acne

Easy-to-apply body spray that reduces spots and marks in large areas such as the chest and back. Its formula incorporates exclusive RetinSphere® Technology and its innovative active ingredient BIOPEP 15 that reduces the proliferation of microorganisms, combined with exfoliating and depigmenting ingredients.

It helps control fat production, improves skin texture and corrects acne body blemishes and scars. Tested under dermatological control.

Best For:

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne

  • Chest + Back

  • Product Information

    Potential Benefits

    • Provide Exfoliation

    • Improve Pigmentation

    • Control Sebum Production

    • Reduce Acne + Breakouts

    • Refine Skin

    How to use

    Shake before use. On freshly cleansed skin, spray an even layer on the affected area (preferably in the evening). Begin by applying once daily for one week and then increase to twice a day. For better application, the innovative spray valve allows the product to be sprayed in any position, even upside down.

    A slight stinging sensation is normal in initial applications, for the first few minutes after application. In case of continued irritation, remove the product and stop application.

    Key Ingredients

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