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Deluxe Mother’s Day Pack

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We are giving the mother who is too busy to treat herself no excuse this May. Our Deluxe Mother's Day Pack includes a Signature Hydrafacial; our most popular pre-event treatment which promises to uncover glowing skin. Hydrafacial uses a unique patented Vortex Fusion delivery system to nourish the skin with medical grade serums while painlessly extracting unwanted congestion and build up.


To help Mum continue seeing results from home, we have included three core products from the Optiphi Delta range; Urban Exfoliating Cleanser, Urban Daily Hydration and Eye Gel. These products work to achieve unparalleled results, restoring the skin’s balance and natural radiance on a cellular level. While these products work on the skin from the outside, the InnerSkin Co. Body Collagen will help boost collagen levels from the inside out if taken daily.


Our final touch to this bundle are two sheet masks and an eye roller; after all, it wouldn’t be a self-care gift pack without these feel good non-negotiables.

  • Product Information

    Potential Benefits

    • Provide Hydration

    • Soothe Skin

    • Encourage Healing

    • Refine + Smooth Skin

    • Provide Exfoliation

    • Stimulate Collagen

    • Promote Elasticity

    How to use

    Body Collagen 

    Stir two teaspoons into water,daily (two teaspoons = 10mg).

    Optiphi Exfoliating Cleanser

    Use twice daily, massaging into the skin followed by Protection SPF 30 in the AM.

    Optiphi Eye Gel

    Apply twice daily to the eye area.

    Optiphi Daily Hydration

    Use twice daily, massaging into the skin followed by Protection SPF 30 in the AM.

    VSKIn Hydration Mask

    1. Cleanse and tone the skin.
    2. This mask is protected with two mesh layers. Remove the one mesh layer.
    3. Apply mask to face and peel off the second mesh layer.
    4. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.
    5. Remove the mask and gently dab the remaining serum into the face until it is fully absorbed.

    Cold Therapy Ice Roller

    For best results, place the Ice Roller in the freezer 15 minutes before using.

    On clean, dry skin – apply the roller to the skin and roll in an upwards direction. Start at the neck, moving up to the jawline to the cheeks and under-eye area. The face ice roller can be used over breakouts to calm inflammation and redness. Continue to use it for up to 10 minutes. Daily use is recommended to achieve best results.

    Pair with a sheet mask and apply an ice roller over the top for an elevated pampering experience.

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