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Our Skin Gym Programs

Begin the journey to your best skin

Think of our skin clinics as the gym for your skin. You go to the gym to keep your body healthy, we are here to help keep your skin healthy. 

We have developed skin gym programs to target specific skin concerns including acne, ageing skin, hydration, pigmentation, redness and scarring. Treatments are customisable to your skin journey with your therapist there to help answer any questions and plan an at home skincare routine to keep your skin on track. 

At an affordable price you can keep your skin healthy and looking great with our skin gym programs. Our highly qualified team of dermal therapists, laser technicians and registered cosmetic nurses are dedicated to helping you leave the clinic feeling happy and confident in your results.


Amazing Client Results

Your best skin starts with Our Skin Gyms

Our custom-made, affordable Skin Gym Programs are suitable for anyone looking to quickly begin their journey toward their best skin.

  • Acne Skin Gym

    Our Acne skin gym works to target the root cause of your stubborn breakouts and unwanted pimples. Designed to help clear congestion and balance breakouts this program combines the perfect range of treatments to help you look and feel good in your skin.


    Acne Skin Gym Includes:
    1 x Skin Analysis
    3 x Laser Genesis
    3 x Medical-grade Crystal Peel + Growth Factor Serum
    3 x LED Healite Therapy

  • Anti-Ageing + Rejuvenation Skin Gym

    Don’t let wrinkles get in the way of prolonging your youth. Rewind the clock with our Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenation skin gym. Your dermal therapist will tailor your treatments in this program to target your concerns and help you restore that youthful appearance. 


    Anti-Ageing + Rejuvenating Skin Gym Includes:
    1 x Skin Analysis
    2 x Factor 4 Treatments
    2 x Medical-grade Milk Peel + Growth Factor Serum
    2 x LED Healite Therapy

  • Glow + Hydration Skin Gym

    Does your skin need a bit of a pick-me-up? Our Glow Hydration skin gym is perfect for those looking for a hydration boost or needing that extra glow. Your dermal therapist will personalise your treatments to uncover your skin’s luminous glow and prevent the feeling of dull, dry skin.


    Glow + Hydration Skin Gym Includes:
    1 x Skin Analysis
    3 x Signature HydraFacial
    3 x Medical-grade Milk Peel
    3 x LED Healite Therapy

  • Pigmentation Skin Gym

    Fade dark spots and even your complexion with our Pigmentation skin gym. Our treatments can be used to target anything from hyperpigmentation to age spots. Sunscreen should be your new best friend if it isn’t already, helping prevent any further pigmentation and protecting your skin alongside our range of customisable treatments.


    Pigmentation Skin Gym Includes:
    1 x Skin Analysis
    3 x Laser Pigment Reduction
    3 x Medical-grade Crystal Peel + Growth Factor Serum
    3 x LED Healite Therapy

  • Redness + Rosacea Skin Gym

    Do you have angry, red or sensitive skin? Feel confident and calm your skin with our Redness and Rosacea skin gym, designed to soothe redness and reduce inflammation. 


    Redness + Rosacea Skin Gym Includes:
    1 x Skin Analysis
    3 x Laser Genesis/ Redness Reduction
    3 x Medical-grade Milk Peel
    3 x LED Healite Therapy

  • Scarring Skin Gym

    If you thought you were stuck with acne scars for the rest of your life, think again. Our Scarring skin gym is designed to resurface your skin and reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Using this unique combination of customisable treatments our dermal therapists main goal is for you to leave the clinic more confident than ever. 


    Scarring Skin Gym Includes:
    1 x Skin Analysis
    3 x Skin Needling + Mesotherapy
    3 x Medical-grade Cosmo Peel
    3 x LED Healite Therapy

Our Skin Gyms

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