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Déesse Pro Express L.E.D. Mask

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The ultimate on-the-go glow.

Developed by an experienced team with over 20 years in the clinical LED market. The Déesse Pro™ Express uses two clinically proven wavelengths of light (633nm red & 830nm Near Infrared), clinically proven to reduce fine lines.


The perfect express facial treatment  experience! The Déesse Pro Express delivers clinically proven wavelengths of light (red) and (near infra-red) to stimulate positive cellular responses within the dermal layers of the skin resulting in skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, plumper, and over time helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best For:

  • Fine Lines + Wrinkles

  • Scarring

  • Product Information

    Potential Benefits

    • Stimulate Collagen

    • Promote Elasticity

    • Encourage Healing

    • Improve Scarring

    • Strengthen Skin

    • Promote Blood Circulation

    How to use

    1. Cleanse and exfoliate skin removing any traces of make-up, skincare and sun protection.

    2. Cover eyes with provided protective goggles or damp cotton rounds if preferred.

    3. Use sitting upright or lying down, if lying down the head strap is not required.

    4. Use in accordance with guidelines given in the operating manual and brand website.

    5. Use the treatment mode for 10 minutes, when the time has elapsed remove the mask. 

    6. In between uses, use antibacterial wipe or spray to clean thoroughly and ensure the mask and power is turned off. 


    This mask is not to be used after heat based treatments, if you are using AHA/BHA or Retinols use at Alternate Times (mask in morning, active products evening). Do not use, whilst being treated or recovering from Cancer, if you suffer from epilepsy or light associated hypersensitivity, if you are pregnant.

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