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Ice Roller and Mask Bundle

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Cold Therapy Ice Roller

Treat yourself to luxe at-home facials with cold therapy. Ice rollers are stored in the freezer, where the stainless steel roller surface becomes cold to the touch.


Mondeal VSkin Bio Cellulose Hydration Mask 5 Pack

The Mondeal Premium Bio-Cellulose V-Skin masks are infused with a specially formulated, high concentration of actives; HA, Amino Acids and Vitamins to accelerate hydration and recovery, leaving your skin fresh, soft and radiant – Vital, Velvet, Vibrant skin.

Best For:

  • Redness

  • Inflammation

  • Under-eyes

  • Product Information

    Potential Benefits

    • Provide Hydration

    • Promote Blood Circulation

    • Soothe Inflammation

    • Encourage Healing

    • Reduce Puffiness

    How to use

    For best results, place the Ice Roller in the freezer 15 minutes before using. 


    On clean, dry skin – apply the roller to the skin and roll in an upwards direction. Start at the neck, moving up to the jawline to the cheeks and under-eye area. The face ice roller can be used over breakouts to calm inflammation and redness. Continue to use it for up to 10 minutes. Daily use is recommended to achieve best results.


    Pair with a sheet mask and apply an ice roller over the top for an elevated pampering experience.

    Key Ingredients

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